Baccarat - Slots Galore Casino

The advantage of playing in any online casino lies in the choice of games available. Slots Galore Casino offers its users much more gaming possibilities than any other land-based casino. One of the popular and well-respected game variants is considered to be high old baccarat.

How to Play Baccarat?

In accordance with the baccarat rules, you and the banker get a hand of two cards. Each hand is valued equivalent to the cards quality. The player`s hand is compared to the banker`s in order to determine the winning side.

If your hand is better than banker`s - you win and get the cash. If the banker`s hand if better than yours - you lose. If the hands have the same value - there will be tie.

Baccarat Scoring

Slots Galore Casino uses standard scoring system for baccarat games: the face cards as well as 10s have no point value, Aces bring the player 1 point, and all the other cards are equivalent to their face value. The points vary from 0 to 9 and each time you get 10+ points the first number is excluded (13 overall points will give you only 3 points in the game). So the best possible result in baccarat is 9 points.

Play Baccarat at Slots Galore Casino

Try and win baccarat at Slots Galore Casino to increase your gambling bankroll and enjoy the game experience.