Roulette - Slots Galore Casino

What does a person imagine when hearing the word "casino"? Of course a roulette. Slots Galore Casino gives you the opportunity to dive into the world of luxury and gambling. With the help of perfect software provided by the leader of the industry Vegas Technology you`ll never even feel the difference between the game in real casino and at Slots Galore.

Bets at Roulette

A lot of people can`t resist the temptation of spinning the wheel and tracing the ball. The process is bewitching. Especially when you win. You can choose red or black, odd or even, the date of your birth or bet all your chips on your lucky number. It`s only up to you to decide the number and the size of bets.

Special Offer from Slots Galore Casino

Here you can play European and American online roulette. If you doubt on what of the two to choose, take notice of the difference between them. The American roulette has zero and double zero. That`s it, nothing more. But there is something special for roulette lovers at Slots Galore Casino. Every week you can take part in an unexampled American roulette tournament. The buy-in is just $2.50, the winner will take the pot which is worth competition. Try it and you`ll never regret!